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Will Kratom Become Illegal in the U.S.? Although there already are millions of proponents of the safety and effectiveness of kratom, the herb is currently subjected to possible ban by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). According to the DEA, the fact that kratom contains two chemical ingredients in the form of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine with psychoactive properties could mean it could be utilized in some way that’s similar to illegal drugs. Kratom is generally defined as a tropical tree belonging to the coffee family and is exclusively found in Southeast Asian countries of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. The native population in Southeast Asia claims that they have been using the plant for medicinal purposes since the 19th century, which means that unlike the west, they already have previous knowledge about its healing properties. Nonetheless, it’s no secret from those who know the plant and have been using it that its opiate and stimulant properties make it a very popular yet controversial herbal medicine. Proponents of kratom in America argue that there is no reason to ban the leaves for the simplest reason that its use doesn’t lead to any “high” effect similar to that of illegal drugs. They further contend that it is by far the most revealing alternative source of pain relief, something that’s a lot better than over-the-counter medicine. But aside from pain relief, kratom’s popularity was quick to spread due to its remarkable healing effect for those who are suffering from psychological problems and disorders. In most instances, kratom leaves are turned to powder or consumed in tea form to get the benefits.
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The DEA went further by saying that it wants those caught with the possession of kratom to be meted with the same penalties to those who are caught with illegal drugs such as heroin and metamphetamine.
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Also, the same agency is saying that the intended ban of the plant is based on a poison control issue. Does the DEA have proof that kratom is indeed poisonous when used by humans? Well, why haven’t we heard any news about hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Asia dying from kratom poisoning? For those who can’t help but become skeptics of kratom, there’s no blaming them since everyone just wants to be perfectly sure they aren’t taking any medicine or herb for the first time without figuring out if it indeed is safe. But even the DEA or anyone for that matter can never deny the fact that the presence of alkaloids in the leaves of the plant is the reason why it is effective in pain relief. As for the excessive use of the plant that reportedly can lead to getting high, there really is no truth to that because there is very minimal possibility of overdosing. The explanation is quite simple – once the body feels like it has consumed more than it could accommodate, there’s a natural response inside called vomit. Therefore, there really is zero sense in trying to label kratom as something similar to common prohibited drugs and substances.

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