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Why Do We Need to Protect Our Wildlife?

There is a cause that aims to protect wild plants and animals and their habitats, and this is called wildlife conservation. It is the goal of wildlife conservation to make sure that nature will be present for the enjoyment of future generations, and to realize the importance of wilderness for both humans and species alike.

Several factors are threatening now our wildlife, from habitat loss, to climate change, poaching, and pollution. It is very unfortunate to hear that we lost a single species, how much more knowing that we lose an estimated 10,000 species to extinction every year. It is a fact that while we know about the well-known endangered animals in the US such as the Alaska grey wolf, American bison and the Florida manatee, there are other large numbers of undiscovered species that are becoming extinct without us being aware of. We should be aware that the extinctions of species will not only throw ecosystems out of balance, but also it can impact our food system, economy and possible breakthroughs in science and medicine.

It is a fact that all species in the ecosystem are interconnected and interdependent on each other, and the disappearance of one will create a drastic and sudden negative effects on those species remained. It is recorded in history of the five mass extinctions that happened on earth, and today, scientists are saying that the humans are creating the sixth mass extinction. It is claimed that the sixth mass extinction done by humans are the legal and illegal trade of species that are near to extinction, development of cities that destroys habitats of animals, and climate change because of human events. It is unfortunate that many animals cannot adapt to the rapid changes.
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The continuing efforts and trends to protect our wildlife have shown accomplishments with some of the endangered species that are off the list like the North American grey wolf and a specific gorilla species in Africa.
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Today, we face one of the biggest challenges and this mankind’s travels, that through which foreign species are transported to a place which is not their natural habitat.

People could think that the world is full of wildlife species, but the truth is that the numbers of these species are decreasing, and if nothing is done about it, they could be facing extinction. Thankfully, preservation programs are established more and more to ensure protection of these animals, and through proper public awareness, the management of these natural creatures is being done. There is now also a trend to wildlife protection that will show us and invite us to study and address the challenges facing our nature ahead.

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