The Essentials of Flashlights – The Basics

Pros of LED Flashlights

LED lights are becoming more and more popular. They have been around for a long time, and they have not just appeared recently as most people might think. However, they have now started to be used in flashlights and they are actually working quite well. The technology did take some time to get its way into flashlights, however it was worth the wait. This is because LED lights are revolutionizing the power of flashlights as people knew it. In the early sixties when the LED light technology was patented it only produced low intensity red lights. However, things are quite different today. Some of the many advantages of these lights are discussed below.

They are Reliable and Safe

These flashlights do not break easily because of their solid-state construction and their small plastic bulbs. These flashlights tend to be shock resistant and hard to break even if dropped down. If you are looking for a strong flashlight for your car or for your bedside drawer, LED flashlights are the best option. It is good to know that LED lights don’t just go out all of a sudden. Instead, they dim gradually as the power is lost. This should give you ample time to get a fresh battery.

Effective and Convenient

LED flashlights are simple to use and hold. This is because they do not work with many batteries and incandescent bulbs. They can fit quite simply in one’s purse or pockets. This makes them very easy to use when looking for stuff in the dark.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

LED flashlights need very few batteries to work and their bulbs are very long lasting. The price of flashlights lower as time progresses. This makes it easier for anyone to purchase and be in possession of one. Compared to regular batteries, LED light batteries can last up to ten times longer depending on the manufacturer.

Since LED flashlights consume less energy, they produce smaller carbon footprints and this makes it very environmentally friendly. This means that less energy is wasted whilst using these flashlights in comparison to the other non-LED flashlights.

The Lights Last Longer.

LED lights are as a result of electrons moving in a simple semiconductor known as a diode. The energy that is produced through this movement is later given off as light instead of heat. This makes it possible for LED flashlights to conserve energy and last longer because no filament is heated and they can therefore stay cool. This kind of light does not require the constant worry of new batteries when it is being used in heavy use situations. A good example is the use of these flashlights on camping trips. Many of these flashlights have an adjustment feature that can make the lights last longer by making the lights dimmer.
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