Surprising Uses Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has gotten a lot of attention lately as a cooking oil. With its unique combination of fatty acids, it’s seen as a healthy alternative to other cooking oils, and many people love the flavor it imparts to dishes. However, coconut oil has many uses outside of the kitchen, and some of them are surprising.

Weight Loss

In addition to being a healthy food, coconut oil can actually promote weight loss. According to a study of women who were diagnosed as obese, those who ate coconut oil lost more inches around their waist than women who consumed soybean oil. Researchers suggest that the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil increase energy, help people feel full, and promote loss of fat


It probably surprises no one that coconut oil is used in many cosmetic products. Long used as an ingredient in sunscreen and lotion, the fragrant oil is also a good skin moisturizer and makeup remover. The anti-oxidants in the oil protect the skin from wrinkles, while the vitamin E content makes the skin smooth and soft. Coconut oil is also effective as a conditioning sealant for dry hair.

Home Remedies

A natural antibiotic, coconut oil can be used on cuts and scrapes to provide a protective layer over injured skin. It can treat rashes that are caused by a bacteria or a virus, and it can also help a cold sore heal. According to online info, coconut oil can also be used as eye drops to soothe dry, itchy eyes.

Household Uses

Coconut oil can be useful for objects as well as people. It can be used in place of WD-40 on squeaky springs and hinges, it can remove the residue left by stickers and labels, and it can serve as a polish for wood or leather. It can even be used to clean a shower, sink or tub when mixed with baking soda to form a paste. In the kitchen, it can season an iron pan or make any surface non-stick.

There are different types and brands of coconut oil on the market, but the best policy is to stick with organic, unrefined oil. Unrefined oil has a mild coconut flavor and aroma because, unlike fragrance-free refined oil, it is minimally processed.

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