How To Show Some Eye Love: Simple Ways To Hide Imperfections With Makeup

When imperfections are noticeable around the eye area, it will become necessary to Show Some Eye Love: Simple Ways To Hide Imperfections With Makeup. Wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, and scars can all be hidden from view using the following methods.

Minimizing The Appearance Of Dark Areas

Many find they have dark spots underneath each of their eyes if they do not get enough rest at night. Stress, a lack of water drinking, and consumption of junk food can also exacerbate the coloring of the skin. To hide dark areas, it will be necessary to use a concealing stick. This can be dabbed over the dark portions and spread over them using the fingertips. If the eyes are puffy in addition to having darker colored skin, the application of cucumber slices over each eye for several minutes may be helpful.

Cover Up Blemishes With Ease

When someone has pimples or scars around their eyelid area, they can use eye shadow to obscure the blemishes so they are not seen by others. Using darker colors in shadow will easily cover the flaws so they are not noticeable. It is best to use a dry powder concealer first. This will help to keep the eye shadow from wearing from the skin prematurely. The addition of eye liner and mascara can also help in keeping flaws hidden. If flaws are located around the eyes, they can be covered with a liquid concealer followed by a skin-toned powder.

Keep Wrinkles At Bay

Many do not like the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. In addition to using concealers on wrinkled areas, the application of blush to the cheekbones and lipstick to the mouth can be beneficial. Those looking at the person would note the coloring on the bottom half of the face, making the wrinkles around the eyes less noticeable as a result. Another way to hide wrinkles is with the addition of a pair of glasses or sunglasses. These will obscure wrinkles from view. The frames should be similar in coloring as the hair so the eyes will be instantly drawn to others ares of the face.

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