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The Benefits of Choosing Natural Remedies Over OTC Medications for Illnesses

It has become very natural for a lot of people these days to be approaching their nearest pharmacy when they feel down with sniffle and cough. Nothing really matters if you have been doing this almost half of your life. Even so, if you are having financial troubles recently, then getting OTC medications could affect your financial standing for the week. Take, for example, your food for the week; with OTC medications, you could be cutting short your budget for food. Furthermore, you could also be getting some side effects being brought upon the OTC medications that you have chosen to buy. The good thing about natural remedies is the fact that they can treat the minor illnesses of yours in a more safer and cheaper way. Make sure to save your hard earned money for major medical emergencies by going for natural remedies. The following are some natural remedies that you can make use of when it comes to minor illnesses listed below.

Coughs: Colds typically occur during the cold season or the winter season. When this type of illness occurs in a person’s life, this typically results in absences in the school or workplace. You usually take the blame for spreading the colds that you are getting when one by one your workmates or classmates also get the cold. Nonetheless, there is one natural remedy that works well during the winter when you get the common colds. If you get the feeling that you will be getting a common cold, then it is advisable that you gargle water with salt and also to consume a clove of garlic that is raw. A lot of research studies have proven time and again that drinking juice with fresh garlic is capable of combating bacteria that has painful properties. Drinking so may not be the most pleasurable experience that you will be getting but it sure is capable of stopping a cold before it settles in.

If prevention is already far from reach, then the best way to sooth your throat and sinuses is to drink thyme tea for your sore throat and congestion. All it really takes for you to do is to place a teaspoon of dried thyme into the cup of hot water you have prepared for ten minutes. You just have to make sure to drink three cups of this concoction every single day in order for your phlegm to be loose.

Bowels: One’s body is capable of showing signs and symptoms that what you have consumed is not good for you. If you have bowel problems such as constipation, then what you have to do is to drink a cup of olive oil mixed with orange juice. Drinking herbal teas that contain either peppermint or chamomile is the most effective natural remedy when it comes to soothing symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome cases.

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