Book Summary Start-Up Nation – The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle – By Dan Senor and Saul Singer

This book is about innovation and entrepreneurship. Israel has been successful despite of the pain the nation has endeared. They have thrived because their survival depends upon it. This book is a story that embodies tenacity, insatiable questioning of authority, and determined informality, with a unique attitude toward failure, teamwork, mission, risk and cross-disciplinary creativity.

Why is this important to me?

Have you ever used PayPal or a computer with an Intel processor in it? If yes, then those innovations came from Israel. Regardless of your political view, it is undeniable that the business innovation coming out of this small country is second to none around the world. The proof is in the amount of Venture capital that pours into the country. In 2007/2008, Israel received more venture funds per capita then all the other nations combined. Two main drivers of this innovation are:

1. Survival – Look at any map and you will see that Israel is surrounded by nations that want it destroyed. The citizens have learned to live and thrive in this environment through ingenuity and shear guts. Every male is required to go into the military thus they are battlefield tested entrepreneurs.

2. Questioning of Authority – this quality was surprising. If you have every watched Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm then you know what a pain in the ass the questioning of authority can cause. It can be downright annoying but the level of clarity created is proof of what gets accomplished. It is common in Israeli military for every soldier to question authority. This is in stark contrast to American Military. I am not saying one is better than the other but the level of questioning / arguing creates great solutions.

Start-up Nation is a great book and there are tons of excellent examples in it. For the sake of time, I will profile three innovations that came out of Israel.

1. Fraud Sciences – Shvat Shaked and his small team came up with a cool technology to identify computer fraud. The venture capital firm setup a meeting with PayPal now owned by eBay. The PayPal VP basically did not want to have the meeting because he figured his team was way ahead of any startup in terms of fraud detection and protection. Long story short, Shvat and his team had one simple idea. The world is divided by good people and bad people and these people leave digital footprints. The PayPal team did not believe it so they gave them test data to run against. They figured it would take Fraud Sciences 60 days to plow through it. Two days later, Shvat sent them an email with the results and their results were 17% better and took 95% less time then what PayPal could deliver. When they asked Shvat how he learned this skill, his response was that he had to hunt down terrorists in the military. eBay bought the company for $125 Million. They were at least 5 years ahead of PayPal.

2. Intel – Do you remember the chip race wars? All computers were measured by clock speed from megahertz to gigahertz. This caused one huge problem – HEAT. Basically the way computer chips used to work for speed was similar to your car transmission being stuck in first gear and you wanting to go full speed. The Israeli R&D group for Intel came up with a simple concept. Why not design chips like transmissions. The faster you go step them up from 1st to 5th gear. This change required the whole company to change its marketing message and direction. According to the Intel leadership, this innovation saved the company.

3. Mash ups – The multi-tasking nature and the combination of disparate technologies breads true innovation. In my own business, we combined Voice, Email, Chat and all communication types to be the first on the market to offer one platform for all communication archiving. This is a simple example of a mash up because other vendors just do one communication type. The innovations seen throughout the book are great examples of combining expertize from different areas to come up with a better mouse trap.

Battlefield Entrepreneurs – According to Eric Schmidt CEO of Google, “The Israeli tank commander who has fought in one of the Syrian wars is the best engineering executive in the world. The tank commanders are operationally the best, and they are extremely detail oriented. This is based on twenty years of experience – working with them and observing them.

Start-Up Nation is a must read for anybody interested in true innovation. The ideas in the book can help any entrepreneur grow their business. The balance between pain and incentives is seen throughout Israel’s history. Success for them is the only option.

I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is the concept of the mash up. Mash ups are very strong. Are you familiar with Ray Charles or Kid Rock? Their music is all based on mash ups. Ray Charles combined R&B with Gospel which was revolutionary and controversial at the time. Use the mash up concept in your business to innovate.

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Why People Think Experts Are A Good Idea

Deeper Details About Hydration Therapy

You have to understand that the new health craze that is getting more and more famous these days of helping overworked urbanites involves pumping water, isn’t that crazy? This is actually pumping minerals and vitamins directly into a person’s bloodstream using a IV and that can speed up treatment. The treatment is very helpful but to much of it won’t be a good thing as well, you have to understand that keeping it balanced is the key to an effective hydration therapy. If you take a closer look into hydration therapy, too much of this will not be beneficial to you anymore, that is why you have to make sure that everything is being taken controlled properly.

The whole thought of the treatment is that when hydration therapy commences, there will be a combination of water and nutrients being infused. You need to know that the help hydration therapy can give is just amazing, imagine curing hangovers and general fatigue plus athletic performance will be enhanced, such a huge advantage, right? It is true that IV infusion and hydration therapy will deliver nutrients to the body a lot faster than the natural way but people are starting to ask whether it is needed or not. You need to know that during the past ages, people did not have hydration therapy or IV infusion but still, they were able to hydrate themselves and get nutrition the old fashioned way. The best and simplest ways before were eating and drinking. As long as you are able to drink and eat the right amount , you will not worry about any deficits and issues with it.

You will have certain health risks that will come up because of your too frequent hydration therapy, make sure that it is balanced well. You will have issues like bruising and pain if you always get the same hydration therapy all the time, endless pricking of the needle will also risk infection.

This is an example of being knowledgeable, if you are knowledgeable of what you are doing, you will be able to avoid tons of health issues, if you know that too much hydration therapy can damage your health, you would actually stop doing it and start using it in a way that is below the breaking point, too much of a good thing is a bad thing and that is true to all.

All you have to do at this rate is just to use hydration therapy responsibly, never go beyond the damaging factor, enjoy the benefits to optimum rate.

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What You Should Know About Counseling This Year

What Can Clients Get With Online Counseling

When you take a look at the internet, you can tell that its presence has affected all streams of life. It is when you ill take a look at the internet that almost all things can be found by you. The moment that you will take a look at the internet, then you will also find a number of jobs that you can do. It is when you will look at the internet that you can find different services like online counseling.

It is normal for most people to feel stressed about certain things due to the hectic lifestyle that everyone is living. The very moment that you will be feeling stressed, then that is the time that you will also be affected both mentally and physically. Due to the number of benefits that online counseling is bringing, many people are now opting for its services. The moment that you will need t he services if an online counselor, then you can do it at the very comforts of your home or office and this is one of its advantages. Setting appointments and traveling long distances is it applicable anymore the very moment that you will opt for the services of an online counselor. Anytime that you are vacant, you can have the chance to talk to your counselor.

It is your identity that will be concealed in an online counseling which is the most attractive benefits that one will get. It is when you will be opting to talk about delicate information with your counselor that having this advantage is very important. The moment that t will not see anyone, then making a confession will be much easier. The very moment that you will do this one, then you will not get embarrassed. This is also the very reason why there are more and more people that opt for online counseling.

Not only for the client but counselors can also get an advantage when they will do one counselling. For many counselors, they will be able it find a lot of online course on the internet. It is training and sessions online that counselors will get it better the practice that they have.

When you will take a look at counselors, is them that will be able to tackle different areas of life. Specialization on different areas of life is also what some counselors will be doing. When you will have family problem, then it’s a family counselor that you should go to. It is a marriage counselor that will be able to help the moment that you will have issue with your marriage. The very moment that you will be hiring a counselor, then it is you that will be able to see different perspectives on any issue. The very moment that you will opt for the services of a counselor, then it is clarity that you will get in any problem that you are facing.

It si also an online counselor that can handle people with suicide tendency, alcoholic and drug problems, and psychological disorders. Trauma caused by a death of a loved one and other family members can also be addressed by an online counselor. Treating their condition can happen with good counseling.

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How I Achieved Maximum Success with Therapists

Why Couples Counseling is Important

Marriage is a union of hearts. The joining of heats could well be described as marriage. Love is an action . It carries on with life. This accounts for the necessity of a marriage counselor around. A marriage bears the same needs as those of a car. It needs to be checked on constantly if the longevity of it is expected. Its not surprising though that individuals only seek solutions when their marriage is suffering. Maybe its time to re-strategize and fix underlying issues before they explode into bigger problems that may lead to dire consequences like divorce. The very fact that we possesses a human nature we are indefinitely going to error at some point. The only saving grace is this situation is doing our best when its required for us.

Just like a car a marriage could do with a bit of grease. Too much friction will see the marriage begin to crumble. Disagreements are fine, they just cease to be healthy if one party is always winning and the other is on the losing end. The worst thing about it is that the parties involved may not be aware. That’s why a fresh perspective is needed for the problem. A counselor functions in the same capacity as grease to ensure that both sides can communicate amicably and reach a solution.

A car needs gas to function a need that very well applies to a marriage. Once the vision of the marriage disappears it forms the basis for a weak foundation. Once it stops being interesting it stops growing. If there is no growth the situation becomes no less than demise. Its not surprising to find a couple in this situation mostly because they gave up a long time ago. A counselor has the ability denote underlying issues very fast. He may not necessarily give you advice but could be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

A marriage needs maintenance. A marriage that does not get constant nurturing will eventually break down . This only goes to show the importance of a marriage counselor even when the couple is on good times. They are better placed as they have the advantage of experience with issues of the same nature. They could share their own story with you and help you with some opinions on how to approach their situations. Waiting until your marriage is showing signs of collapsing to seek help is a recipe to divorce. That is not exactly a happy ever after situation although sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary. Instead of dealing with the loss later , a marriage counselor’s services would come in handy presently.

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News For This Month: Wellness

What Can You Benefit through Taking Workout Supplements? People who care about their health are certainly right in doing so, as without good health, it is impossible to live a full and a rich life. If you feel this way about your health, then, you might certainly spend a lot of your time in the gym, working out not only to get that body of your dreams, but also to increase your health in a truly wonderful and beneficial way. It is good to know that there are a lot of ways to make working out in the gym more effective, one of which is through taking the best workout supplements in the market. One will be glad to know that when he or she is able to find the best workout supplements, it will be possible to gain a lot of benefits. When one starts using the best workout supplements, he or she will be able to benefit, first of all, because it will be possible to lose fat more quickly. Burning fat can be a process which is very slow, and if you are a very busy person with not enough time to spend hours at the gym, you might soon find yourself discouraged by your progress. The good news is that workout supplements burn fat very quickly, and even while out of the gym, people can be sure that their fat is being burned. Another thing that people will be able to gain when they are able to find the best workout supplements is the benefit of being able to enjoy more energy. If you are a person who is very busy on a daily basis, you might feel tired when you arrive at the gym, and this tiredness can hold you down, making you perform less. One will be glad to know that when he or she is able to find the best workout supplements, it will be possible to enjoy larger stores of energy, which will make him or her able to accomplish a lot more.
Interesting Research on Resources – What No One Ever Told You
Last but not least, people can benefit when they start taking workout supplements because when they do, they can be sure that they will be able to recover from sore muscles quicker. When your muscles heal more quickly, you will not only be able to see greater progress, but you will also be able to enjoy more comfort, which will make you more confident when it comes to doing more in your workouts.
Learning The Secrets About Products
When one decides to start taking high-quality workout supplements, then, he or she will definitely be able to gain many benefits.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Health

Choose The Best Workout Supplements There’s no better healthy living that you need to set for yourself when doing proper exercises right for your body, through the guide of a modern sports nutrition. You need to provide the right workout supplements which your body can greatly benefit from, these are the essential ways of toning your muscles well and remain fit at all times. Working out means that you need to set ways in order for you to establish a healthy body type which is very vital for a person to have, there are several benefits that you can get through doing training sessions. You need to persevere too much, and with that, you must make sure that you must be doing the right forms of exercises and workouts for a guaranteed effect, but these things must only be done through the best support that you need to provide for your own self. As much as how you take care of yourself, you must be establishing and rendering effects so as to produce a healthy type of body which is very vital for your living, and this is well guided through a Modern Sports Nutrition which can be a key to a better you. In order for you to establish a healthy physical feature, you must be able to provide yourself with those of the best workout supplements which must fit on the kind of body type that you have. Working out means that you need to set ways in order for you to establish a healthy body type which is very vital for a person to have, there are several benefits that you can get through doing training sessions. You need to persevere too much, and with that, you must make sure that you must be doing the right forms of exercises and workouts for a guaranteed effect, but these things must only be done through the best support that you need to provide for your own self. One of the benefits that you get through having the finest workout supplements is that you boost your energy, which means you can do more of the usual working sessions that you have. There is something more than you can actually do, and that is with the help of the vitamins and minerals which are found on these supplements, these will your aid of getting out of your limitations. Doing exercises means that your body must be capable of performing every workout in the most proper way, that is why you need to be able to provide the right amount of energy which you can fully bring out the best that you can.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Resources
If you want to make sure that you are physically ready on doing your workouts, you must need workout supplements to guide you along the goals that you have established. Each and every type of exercise that you need to render has the allotted capacity on making the proper assurance of producing better results on your body type. The best results on your body type will be established when you do have the best products that your body needs to have.
What Almost No One Knows About Supplements
Always prefer the need to pick the best workout supplements that would fit on your body type. A lot of sports nutrition products are being provided so for you to choose from. When you are able to stay determine on your goals and be able to choose for the right types of ingredients, you are sure to get the allotted benefits that you are expecting to have. Pick a workout supplement that has a sufficient amount of protein. If you want that your muscles are highly developed, you must choose this type of supplement. Making certain that your muscles are well-developed and workouts are highly improved, you need to provide yourself a protein supplement which can render the right benefits that you are looking for.

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Getting Down To Basics with Health

Choosing Workout Supplements Today, you will find many people looking for ways of living a healthy lifestyle.This is through healthy diets and workouts. This has forced many companies to provide workout supplement that will give the right results to the user.Some people may opt for this, and some may decide just to take real meals.Whatever, the choice, it is important to understand if it will benefit your body or not. If one decides to take body enhancers, things might not be easy since it will need information to get one. The best you can do is to do some background check on the products. Before choosing any, it is essential that you understand best about the products and how to pick one. Some of the products found in the market have caffeine, protein, and creatine.Here, one should be careful when choosing one because you need to know if the ingredients are genuine. Some of these ingredients used in the products will change insulin concentrations in the body. You will also come across some that will make you feel tired before starting your workouts One might purchase fake products that will not add any value to the body.Insist on using products which will give you positive results.
Study: My Understanding of Products
When you learn some of the products to get, your job now is to identify high-quality products. From someone in the industry, you should be able to get useful information on the products.When they recommend one; it is your duty to do more research about it. It is advisable to go online where you will get more details from other users. From here, you should now confirm if you need or not. It is here that one will require finding more information on the most trusted brands.You should be quick to check the cost to incur when getting the products. When you realize that it is too cheap to buy, this means that it could be unreal.
Finding Parallels Between Wellness and Life
Another great thing to consider is the type of the exercises you need.Different workout programs have different needs and you should now this in advance. For instance, if you require increasing your strength or size, there are great products for that. One should find supplements for body volume if they intend to enroll in the fighting competitions. These goals will assist you when it comes to choosing products that will give you the results that you need.When you choose to find high-quality products, it will not take too much time to see great results. You have a responsibility to make sure your doctor and the trainers are aware of the supplements you intend to use.

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How I Became An Expert on Tips

Understanding The Elements That Affects Your Health And Fitness

Food and exercise are not the only factors that can affect your health and fitness. There are other factors that helps create a healthy and fit body.

It is important that you can really understand all of these elements so it can be beneficial to your health and fitness.

Below are the factors that has a big impact to your overall wellbeing:

A. The things that we eat and drink

Your weight can be affected by your diet. You really need to consider the food that you eat. However, eating healthy does not mean that you have to stop eating food that you love. If you avoid eating the food that you love then it may not show good results. It is important that you have a balanced diet. You can actually search the internet to find a list of the nutrients that you body will need everyday. There are some websites that provide a healthy daily meal plan. Today, there are companies that prepare and deliver healthy meals.

When you have a healthy diet then you really be healthy and fit. You need to try to avoid eating processed food, fast food and junk food. When you eat out, try to carefully check the menu and choose a healthy dish.

There are a lot of people that regularly diets have a cheat day. The cheat day is when people can eat the food that they like. However, you still need to have control even on your cheat day because you might go back to your bad eating habits.

B. The type of activities and exercise

Exercise is another element that can help make a person healthy and fit. It is important that our body has regular physical activities. Stress, lack of concentration and bloating can be the result of lack of exercise. You need to exercise on a daily basis. You can actually just walk around your neighborhood or go to the gym. You need to do cardio exercise on a regular basis, because this is really a necessity for your cardiovascular health.

It is a bit difficult to stay and be motivated in exercising regularly that is why you should select the right motivation. One effective way is to have a buddy system. This is really beneficial in staying motivated to exercise on a regular basis.

C. Medical health

Boosting your immune system prevents you from getting any kind of sickness. By taking the right vitamins and minerals you will be able to boost your immune system.

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The Power of Vision by George Barna: A Book Review

George Barna is the founder of The Barna Group, a marketing research company. Barna has written other books about leadership and church growth, such as, The Power of Team Leadership and Grow Your Church from the Outside In, however Barna stated in the introduction to The Power of Vision that he had never before, “had a book that seemed to be written through me rather than by me.” In this book, Barna stresses the importance for pastors and church leadership to discover God’s vision for their ministry and the church. Although, “vision” is a popular topic both in business and in church administration, Barna states that few churches, believers or even senior pastors have an understanding of God’s vision for ministry. This book contains simple, direct principles for discovering God’s vision, for casting the vision and helping others catch it and for implementing the vision for the glory of God.

Barna’s main purpose in writing The Power of Vision is to challenge pastors and leaders to discover God’s vision for their ministry and then to develop and implement the vision. In this writer’s opinion, Barna does a good job of accomplishing the intended purposes of the book. Barna defines “vision” as, “a clear mental image of a preferable future imparted by God to His chosen servants and is based upon an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances.” He then breaks the definition down into four more detailed components: A clear mental image; a preferable future; a future focus; an impartation by God. Throughout the book, Barna refers to the different components of this definition but he continually stresses the most important component; vision is imparted by God.

Barna also paints a clear picture of a visionary leader by listing the requirements for catching God’s vision and describing the characteristics of a visionary. Vision requires knowing God, knowing self, and understanding circumstances such as needs, opportunities and barriers. Visionary pastors have, “an urgent need to seek god’s glory by doing His work, His way, according to His vision.” It is common for leaders to confuse mission with vision so Barna emphasizes the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement. A mission statement defines ministry and outlines the objectives. It is a general statement about what the church hopes to accomplish. A vision statement is, “specific, detailed, customized, distinctive and unique to a given church.” The vision statement puts the ministry objectives into action. There are many myths related to the development of vision so Barna list twenty of the most common myths and dispels these with the reality of true vision.

The book also goes into great detail to discuss the benefits to having vision and also covers the barriers and cost to implementing the vision. Most importantly, Barna reminds leaders that the vision should be God centered and not based on personal abilities because “man’s vision is flawed”. The values and desires of the leader must align with the heart of God. A vision produced by God will be perfect, blessed, and inspired and it has only one goal, which is to glorify Him.

The things about this book that I consider to be strengths are first of all, it is easy to read. The book is short and it written in simple language instead of being filled with confusing jargon. Second, the book gives detailed, precise information in a very direct, straight forward manner. Third and most important, Barna gives God the glory for the inspiration for this book.

Anyone with a serious desire to be an effective leader will look for ways to enhance their skills but few people have time to wade through large books cluttered with technical, confusing jargon. Barna offers relevant information in a simple format. Although the book is reasonably short in length, it is not short on substance. Barna begins with a definition of vision that helps to bring a better understanding of what “vision” truly means. Vision is having a clear idea, or picture in one’s mind of the future that they prefer. However, the key to vision is that it must be God’s vision given to a leader rather than just the preferred future that an individual may have for the church. All pastors want the best for their church and may have grand ideas and plans for the future but only God’s plans for the future will succeed. Barna not only explains the process of catching, casting and implementing vision, he also provides information about common misconceptions regarding vision. In chapter three, Barna explains the difference between vision and mission because the two are often confused. He then corrects twenty of the most common myths about vision. It is often easier to understand how to do something correctly if one first understands what they were doing incorrect.

Although, I am not a pastor, nor am a in a leadership position in a church, I enjoyed reading The Power of Vision. Anyone seeking for direction regarding God’s call for them in ministry should read this book. As a part of the body of Christ, all Christians have a purpose and a work to do within the ministry. Discovering God’s vision for life and ministry is important for all of God’s people. It is especially important for pastors because they are called to lead the flock. Having a clear vision imparted by God will give pastors direction to lead effectively. This book is inspiring and challenging and would make a valuable addition to any pastor’s library.


Barna, George. The Power of Vision. 3rd ed. Ventura, CA: Regal/Gospel Light, 2009.

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5 Lessons Learned: Tips

Methods Of Keeping The Digestive System Healthy

The process of digestion starts in the mouth when food is introduced into it. Mastication in the right way assists the gut as it promotes the body to secrete enzymes that are necessary for digestion. A healthy gut assist the other systems of the body to stay well as it is the source that gives all the necessary nutrient requirements for proper functioning. The digestive system should, therefore, be maintained healthy to avoid complications that result from a poor digestive system. Some tips can assist in upholding the health of the digestive system.

Following a clean diet. A proper diet is a great way of ensuring your digestive system stays healthy. In order to keep your digestive system healthy, consuming some foods will greatly help. Our bodies need a daily intake of fiber and eating bananas is a way of meeting this requirement. The growth of probiotics in the body is also facilitated by compounds found in the banana. The bacteria has several important functions like enhancing proper food digestion and excretion. Green vegetables as well contains high amount of fiber, low sugar load and good amounts of water.

The digestive system can also be kept healthy through exercising. You can keep your digestive system health by simple exercising daily. When you keep the ventral muscles moving occasionally and strong, the large intestines work more efficiently. Crunch exercises will help to keep the muscles strong and at the same time enhance the way you look. However, simple walking helps keep your digestive system healthy by improving the flow of blood to the intestines and the colon.

Taking a therapeutic herb. Some herbs can help keep your digestive system healthy. The usually, therapeutic herbs are organic cilantro and organic dandelion leaf. Enzymes secretion is triggered by the oil from cilantro herb. It also helps the intestines release digestive acids and juices as well as fiber in the process of digestion. It can be used to relieve stomach gas and flatulence. The dandelion leaf detoxify the digestive system and enhances performance.

Meditation is a way of helping the digestive system. There lies a connection between the health of your mind and that of the body. It is a risk to the digestive system and other systems that make up the body to be stressed. The body prepares to flee or fight when put under stress. By doing this, the digestive system will shut down as the body gets ready for the situation in front of it. when you meditate, the body will relax, and stress will be lowered. It has been proven through studies that relaxation is an excellent way of improving the digestive health.

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